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Prison Break
越狱 第二季:亡命天涯
Brett Ratner
英语 / 西班牙语
第一季的最后一集,当迈克(文特沃斯•米勒 Wentworth Miller 饰)和林肯(多米尼克•珀塞尔 Dominic Purcell 饰)他们跑到黑帮老大阿布鲁奇派来的飞机所停泊的地方时,飞行员因为安全问题而没等到他们就离开了。逃脱的囚

越狱 第二季的剧情介绍,第一季的最后一集,当迈克(文特沃斯•米勒 Wentworth Miller 饰)和林肯(多米尼克•珀塞尔 Dominic Purcell 饰)他们跑到黑帮老大阿布鲁奇派来的飞机所停泊的地方时,飞行员因为安全问题而没等到他们就离开了。逃脱的囚犯们只能望天长叹,于是,他们各自展开了逃亡生涯。 <br />   FBI追捕逃犯的资深探员马宏在副总统的授权下成为捉捕小组的主管,他决定逐个击破。另一方面,莎拉的父亲因为林肯这起案件而遭灭口,她开始相信麦克了,并从父亲的遗物那里获得蛛丝马迹;副总统的手下Kellerman 前往捉捕林肯的儿子LJ准备拿他当人质时,将LJ一家都杀死了,而却被LJ意外逃脱;一直帮助林肯的律师掌握到了越来越多的线索……一切阴谋似乎都在慢慢揭开。

It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone has been assigned to their case and calls a press conference urging the public to turn in the "Fox River 8." Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre encounter a hunter and his daughter. He holds them at gunpoint until Abruzzi grabs the daughter and forces the hunter to give them his SUV and let them go. The escapees head for a location where Michael has things stored. Agent Mahone tracks Michael's credit card to a storage facility in Oswego, but quickly figures out that one of Michael's tattoos holds the real location. Michael's tattoo "Ripe Chance Woods" is a clue pointing to a cemetery where Michael has items buried in the grave of "E. Chance Woods." Just two steps behind, Agent Mahone arrives at the scene just as the inmates have gathered what they need. In the meantime, T-Bag discovers a veterinary clinic and forces the Vet to re-attach his severed hand. Dr. Sarah Tancredi recovers from her overdose. Inside her purse, she finds an origami swan left for her by Michael with a message, "There's a plan to make all of this right", and a code. The code is a series of numbers which reads 3221243324 for the first line, 4221312231 for the second, and 23133121 for the third. Veronica locates Terrance Steadman in Montana, and finds that the doors are locked from the outside, holding him hostage (albeit willingly). Veronica calls 911, and then talks to Lincoln and tells him what she has learned. Employees of The Company arrive and kill Veronica for having unraveled their plot and for having found Steadman. Lincoln hears Veronica's final words as she dies, and is consumed with grief. Mahone studies Michael's tattoos, and feels that they are the key to finding the escapees.

如果prison break在国内拍摄。[越狱笔记]第二季第7集:大卫之死与世界本相。仁者无敌。从知识管理角度看Michael的越狱。朝鲜中央党报评美剧越狱。意料之外的动人。因为喜欢,就能宽恕?——谈谈T-bag。加强美版基督山伯爵。Alex,你是完美的悲剧。纹身,又见纹身。



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越狱 第二季 Prison Break Season 2
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